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CCG Projects in Uganda

Sewing Machine Skills

The following report was received at the end of August 2010 from the coordinator in Arua Uganda:

Greetings in the name of Jesus! I am pleased to inform you that by the Grace of God and with your support we have successfully trained the first batch consisting of 28 (twenty eight) Widows and poor women under the Vocational Training Program in the Course of "TAILORING" As mentioned in my previous correspondence, each batch would be trained for a period of 4 months and the first batch commenced on May 8, 2010 and completed on August 26, 2010

We thank you for the support and encouragement given to us for starting this "Vocational Training Program" with the twin objective of:

(1) To teach the widows and poor women in sewing to equip them for self employment or work as ladies tailors,


(2)To utilize the opportunity for introducing the God’s Plan of the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ to the CCG women as we request you to extend your cooperation and support for continuing this program for the next batch which commenced on October 08, 2010, and many more such batches in the days ahead.

Yours Brother in Christ, Gashayija John

Coordinator CCG Arua Town Council

Maize Milling Project in Uganda

CCG maize milling project in UgandaPictured here is Gicondo Ndugu Coordinator of CCG Kakiri Group with a maize milling machine - Gicondo Ndugu is one of the operators of this maize mill.

To buy more of these machines the CCG Kakiri and Kasese groups have planned to start milling flour maize next year to raise to money for electricity to power the mills. The milling machines will help to to mill maize of our church members.

Electricity costs to power the milling machines is expensive in Uganda. The local electricity authority has requested 4,758,450 Uganda Shillings (approx. $USD 2,420) to power the machine. The CCG Kasese and Kakiri groups have so far raised half of this money leaving a further $USD 1200 to raise.

The maize millers machine will help to get enough good maize flour for our members and the remainder can be sold to pay the school fees of orphans.

They need the prayers of all CCG members.

Maize Milling Project 2009

Maize milling UgandaThe maize milling project continues to grow although more funds are needed.

It was intended to buy another maize mill this year however vehicles to transport the flour and the milling machines will be more important.

Additonally approximately 8 million Ugandan Shillings are also required to build grain stores.


Maize mill manager

Pictured here is Gicondo Ndugu inside the maize project office, he is also the milling machine operator.





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