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United Republic of Tanzania

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CCG Churches and missions are located in the following Tanzanian cities and towns and the Tanzanian coordinator is Joash Okinyi Hamisi. The CCG is currently reviewing listings for Tanzania:

  • Dar es Salaam & South Tanzania - Coordinator Peter O. Lanya (v, i, d)
  • Dodoma - Coordinator TBA
  • Ingiri Rorya (Mara) - Coordinator James Nyabange Majiwa (v, i, d)
  • Kowak Rorya - Coordinator Samson Elom (v, i, d)
  • Mwanza - Coordinator TBA
  • Shirati - Coordinator Ezekia Maira (v, i, d)
  • Utegi - Coordinator Joash Okinyi Hamisi (v, i, d)

* v = verified, i = inducted, d = documented

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