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Sierra Leone

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The Christian Churches of God has established missions in Sierra Leonewith more planned. The national coordinator for Sierra Leone is Simon Mbuju.

  • Bombali District
    • Banana - Coordinator John Kamara
    • Makene - Coordinator Dan Kallon
    • Manyaka - Coordinator Peter Bangora
    • Rogbane - Coordinator Benard Mbuga
    • Teko - Coordinator Joseph Samba
    • Wasum - Coordinator Jonathan Kwirio
  • Kono District
    • Gbense Sina - Coordinator Mustapha Caulker
    • Kamara - Coordinator Deen Bantamoi
    • Sando - Coordinator Daniel Komba
    • Tankoro - Coordinator Komba Yambassu
  • Tonkolili District
    • Kate Simbira - Coordintaor Denis Lahai
    • Kholifa Rowala - Coordinator Paul Kpaka
    • Kunike Barina - Coordinator Coneth Kewullay
    • Malal Mara - Coordinator Victor Kamara
    • Yoni - Coordinator Solomon Bundu

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