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Establishment of African National Conferences

CCG in Africa

CCG baptism in AfricaThe missionary activities of CCG in Africa are aimed at the establishment of a network of National Conferences across the continent. Conferences are established or in process of establishment in Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Congo DR, and in the West African Community based at Lagos.

A conference is hoped to be established at Tanzania in the not too distant future. Each conference is being established to be able to care for its own people and the orphans and the poor and needy in its areas of responsibility.  

Each conference is assisted in setting up translation activities in the predominant language/s of its region.  

You can assist the Churches of God there to provide adequate care for the Sabbath-keeping brethren in the areas of Africa by simply making a donation to the CCG Welfare fund through this site. A few dollars makes a significant difference in a persons life.  

CCG has undertaken or is in the process of undertaking the following projects.

  1. Provision of a mosquito net for each child in its various national areas is being done as part of the malaria prevention campaign. Many hundreds of nets have been provided to date and many hundreds more are being distributed. It costs just $US5:00 to place a net over a child and help save it from malaria. A $50 donation will buy and distribute and place nets over 10 children. Funds are also needed for medication. Four children die from malaria for every adult in Africa. 3000 people die every day from malaria.
  2. Seed and fertiliser has been provided to some needy areas. More is needed.
  3. CCG is establishing a fishing cooperative on Lake Victoria.
  4. A schools project is underway in Kenya.
  5. Translation projects are underway in many countries. The improvement of adult and child literacy is a major goal of the church. Computers and printing facilities have been and are being established in many regions. CDs with taped sermons are also provided to assist in the process.
  6. Funds are needed for water and sanitation facilities.
  7. Bibles are needed everywhere and in multiple languages. $US10 will place a Bible with a person.
  8. Many children have been orphaned as a result of war and principally HIV/AIDS. They require help and a decent family environment. Help us to help them.
Clicking on the Contribution Button on any CCG webpage will let you make a contribution to the Christian Churches of God African effort. When making a donation, just specify "Africa" in the description section to make sure that your donation will go to Church projects in Africa.
Feasibility studies are to be undertaken on a number of projects for commencement in 2009.

Types of assistance that can be funded


Please see the separate page for Emergencies in Africa

Mosquito nets:

You can help prevent a child from getting Malaria by the simple donation of $4:00.

Our aim is to provide all our people and the orphans they protect with nets and a store of medication to treat Malaria should they get it. It is cheaper to buy two nets than one dose of medication.

Malaria kills untold millions every year, not to mention Yellow Fever and Dengue and all the other diseases.

Food aid:

Provision of maize and other staples to the needy the provision of seed and fertiliser to the subsistence farmers; and food production projects such as chicken and fish farms. These projects are designed for both women and men, and especially for families trying to obey God's laws.

Project Seeds:

A project to provide seeds to African communities so they can grow their own crops. Coordinated by Storm Cox.


Provision of water facilities in remote regions is vital to the control of cholera and dysentery and other gastro-intestinal diseases.


Purchase of Bibles for studies and Scripture education.

Translations and printing:

Printing of educational and study materials for education of all people in the ways of God in as many languages as possible.

Clothing aid:

Not just orphans need clothing. Children of all ages and adults of all sizes need assistance.

Medical aid and medicines:

Africa has all sorts of problems not the least of which is Malaria. You can provide funds to help all people with all sorts of problems and through all sorts of medicines.

Assistance for the deaf:

CCG now has children in a secondary school for the deaf in Nyanza province on full scholarship including uniforms. The school is a full residential coeducational school for deaf children at Kuja.

Children who obtain high marks and especially in standard eight need and deserve the opportunity to go on to better education. 

Let us pray that they are able to progress to greater opportunities.

Many orphans and children generally are assisted by CCG congregations throughout Africa.

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