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The Christian Churches of God has now formed churches in Eritrea. For safety reasons the identities of coordinators and fellowship information are not disclosed for Eritrea. People looking for information about the CCG in Eritrea should contact the CCG Secretary.

The CCG has established Churches in the following regions of Eritrea. Eritrea works in close cooperation with Djibouti and Ethiopia.

CCG churches can be found in most of the following districts:

  • Adi Keyh District
  • Adi Quala District
  • Adi Tekelezan District
  • Afabet District
  • Akurdet District
  • Are'eta District
  • Areza District
  • Asmat District
  • Barentu District
  • Berikh District
  • Central Denkalya District
  • Dahlak District
  • Debarwa District
  • Dekemhare District
  • Dghe District
  • Elabered District
  • Foro District
  • Forto District
  • Geleb District
  • Ghala Nefhi District
  • Ghelalo District
  • Ghinda District
  • Gogne District
  • Habero District
  • Hagaz District
  • Halhal District
  • Haykota District
  • Karura District
  • Keren District
  • Kerkebet District
  • Kudo Be'ur District
  • Logo Anseba District
  • Mai-Mne District
  • Massawa District
  • Mendefera District
  • Mensura District
  • Mogolo District
  • Molki District
  • Nakfa District
  • North Eastern District
  • Omhajer District
  • Segeneiti District
  • Sela District
  • Senafe District
  • Serejaka District
  • Shambuko District
  • She'eb District
  • South Eastern District
  • South Western District
  • Southern Denkalya District
  • Teseney District
  • Upper Gash District

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