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  • Coordinator for Burundi is Pascal Habimana
  • Bujumbura (capital of Burundi) - Coordinator Gervais Siniremera
  • Bujumbura rural
  • Butaramuka - Coordinator Jonathan Ntibaboneka
  • Butaramuka 2 - Coordinator Pascal Habimana
  • Kamege
  • Buterere
  • Gabiro - Coordinator Hakizmana
  • Gaharawe - Coordinator Prosper Havyarimana
  • Gitega - Coordinator Sinarainzi Paul
  • Giheta
  • Gishora
  • Nyambeho
  • Cibitoke - Coordinator Ntibaboneka Jonathan
  • Gabiro
  • Rukana
  • Gisoko
  • Mugina
  • Muyange - Coordinator Stany Girukwishaka
  • Kagazi - Coordinator Medar Bahuwinmuye
  • Pygmie tribes located approximately from 150km west of Bujumbura into the Congo
  • Twinyoni - Coordinator Deo Hakizimana

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 Hear O Israel Yahovah our God, Yahovah is one. Eloah is Allah', Allah' is Eloah. We will all be Elohim.